Teaching Assistant

POSITION: Teaching Assistant

REPORTS TO: Academic Resources Manager 

START DATE: December 2016

PROBATION: 1 month



  • To support the teacher and complete teaching assistant in the class efficiently.
  • To supervise and assist students in class and out of class.
  • To provide customer service to students/parents.
  • To complete administrative tasks.


1. Learning Support

  • Agree classroom role with teachers before each term begins.
  • Motivate student to participate in classroom activities and assist teachers in the supervision and monitoring of student’s work, marking students’ works, etc.
  • Assist teachers with setting up the classroom and with wall displays of student’s work according to the lesson’s requirements.
  • Assist teachers/parents if they want to speak to each other about a child’s progress or problem and ensure that all enquiries and messages conveyed by parents are always passed on to teachers as soon as possible.
  • Make teachers aware of any relevant issues such as a student who has come to class unhappy, a student being teased by a classmate, etc.
  • Only speak Vietnamese when allowed by teachers.
  • Only leave classroom when being required to do other administrator’s tasks outside.

2. Supervision

  • Be in charge of students before, at break times and after classes.
  • Be ready 30 minutes before class starts.
  • Spend time before class with teachers to talk about the class lesson’s plan, activities.
  • Ensure children do not enter restricted areas and go out of ACET area at break time.
  • Stay 30 minutes after class to ensure that all students are picked up by their parents.
  • Report any incidents occurring to the class teacher and Academic staff.

3. Student customer services

  • Be available for training and meetings conducted by Academic Department.
  • Inform and make report to teacher/Academic staff about parents’ feedback.
  • Display a positive and professional attitude towards jobs.

4. Admin tasks

  • Prepare and distribute course books, material to students in new class.
  • Update information for the counselors and academic staff.
  • Check students’ attendance and homework daily.  
  • Maintain student profiles.
  • Maintain assessment records. 

5. Others

  • Practice Equal Employment Opportunity.
  • Follow ACET policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a professional customer service focus at all times. 


  • Upper - Intermediate level English and above.
  • Communication skills.
  • Administration skills.
  • Free working time on Sat afternoon, Sun morning or Sun afternoon.
  • Willing to support event out of ACET.
  • Accomplish well all entrusted work.
  • Punctual and responsive to oral communications.
  • Follow instructions and be reliable in attendance and performance.
  • Positive contribution to team work and team spirit.


  • Have a chance to experience a professional and multinational environment.
  • Have a chance to apply for ACET scholarship.
  • Remuneration:
    • Teaching hours: 40.000 VND/ hour
    • Non-teaching hours (support other events or departments): 30.000 VND/ hour 
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