Tran Thi Thao Van

Foreign Language Specialist - IELTS 8.5

High achiever with IELTS 8.5 shares her feelings at ACET

Tran Thi Thao Van excelled at 8.5 IELTS as a high school student, with 9.0 for listening and reading, 8.0 for speaking and 7.0 for writing after a period of study at ACET.

Thao Van chose ACET for IELTS preparation after consulting her sister – one of the ACET alumni. Sharing her achievements, Thao Van said that the course at ACET helped her to orient the IELTS preparation, especially the speaking and writing skills. In addition, after studying at ACET, Van noticed that her English application skills have improved a lot, especially her presentation skills. She has also learned a lot of valuable techniques and resources to self-study English and apply it in her life, as ACET’s curriculum is not just about learning exam skills, but also helps improve your ability to practice English and apply it in real life.

  • Nguyen Minh Duc

    Hanoi Law University - IELTS 8.0

    Nguyen Minh Duc is an alumnus of the Hanoi Law University and is currently the coordinator for an Australian Government program in Vietnam. Duc studied at ACET in late 2014 and early 2015 and took the IELTS, achieving a total score of 8.0.
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  • Vu Tran Hiep

    Head of Business Development Department, ACET Hanoi

    "Dare to pursue your dreams and efforts" Vu Tran Hiep, a former ACET student, used to be a student who could never communicate with foreigners. Now he hopes to study business in the world's leading economy.
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  • Do Thi Van Anh

    Doctor of sociology

    Do Thi Van Anh, Sociology shared her feelings about ACET. Ms. Van Anh came to ACET with the desire she had cherished for over 20 years: "to communicate confidently in English"
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  • Nguyen Lien Huong

    Chu Van An High School - IELTS 8.0

    I chose ACET because of my cousin and many English classmates here and scored high. My goal of studying at ACET is 7.5 or higher and I have achieved that after only one course. Studying at ACET, I have found a very new and effective study environment, with enthusiastic teachers and friendly and energetic students. During my studies I did not encounter any obstacles, and I am grateful to ACET for ensuring that.
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