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Welcome to ACET, a special partner of UTS: INSEACH in Vietnam. ACET will help students develop the necessary English skills in the university environment. Through ACET, we offer five levels of English for Academic Purposes, as well as preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at UTS: INSEARCH and at universities. taught in English. RCH, the leading academy affiliated with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

At UTS: INSEARCH, students will be provided with the most favorable environment for development. UTS: INSEARCH works closely with UTS to ensure that students are well prepared for university study. The UTS program: INSEARCH is taught with state-of-the-art facilities, a small number of students, and teachers who listen to and understand the needs of students.
From ACET, students can transfer to UTS: INSEARCH, the leading training institute affiliated with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Upon successful completion of the UTS certificate program: INSEARCH, students can continue their studies at UTS.

Our students comment that UTS: INSEARCH’s courses, facilities, support services and trainers are of exceptional quality, and UTS teaching methodology: INSEARCH also helps learners to develop. knowledge and confidence in all aspects.

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